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NBA – San Antonio Spurs/Detroit Pistons Recap Sunday December 25, 2005 – Yahoo! Sports

Busy with family, I didn’t get to watch both of yesterday’s NBA games. I saw the second half of Lakers @ Heat, which was about what I expected. (I had the Heat by 10, so I guess it was a little off, but still.) The good game, however, was on earlier and was the one […]

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Jon Skeet’s Coding Blog : Visual Studio vs Eclipse

John Skeet posted a pretty good feature comparison between Visual Studio and Eclipse. (Jon Skeet’s Coding Blog : Visual Studio vs Eclipse) I don’t really use IDE’s much, but I’ve had good and bad experiences with both VS and Eclipse. Either way, here’s to hoping that the VS team picks up Eclipse’s better features and […]

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Center of the Earth

Center of the Earth Originally uploaded by Corey Porter. When you fire up Google Earth, it presents you with a “default” view that you can zoom in on. As it happens, this default point is two blocks from my parents’ home in Lawrence, KS. I’m told that the corner of Crestline Drive and Compton Square […]

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Lazyweb: Help me learn Applescript

Can anybody recommend a good Applescript reference? I’ve got some ugly jobs that I want to automate, which seems like a good opportunity to pick up a new tool. Here’s what I want to do: I’m moving my photos from Picasa — which I love dearly and will miss, but I never use my Windows […]

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Boing Boing gets on the Cock Flavoured Soup bus

I’m glad to see that BB has finally gotten on the Cock Flavoured soup bus. (Boing Boing: Unfortunately suggestive food packaging) Erich gave me a packet of this a few months back. (cock flavoured soup photo here) This truly is the soup of the future.

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Cold remedies that don’t work

Sharp stick in the eye (left) Listening to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” backwards Curry paste, rubbed in to genitals NyQuil and vodka, up Luge Verbal abuse from checker at Vons Disdain for all mankind Cuban cigars Bowling (provided you don’t win the beer frame) 1980’s video game smash hit “Joust” Progressive Rock Chestnuts roasting on […]

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Thank your Senators for stopping the PATRIOT act

The senate at least temporarily put a hold on the PATRIOT act today. If you think this is a good thing — I most certainly do — here’s a fun and easy way to let them know: EFF: Thank the Senators who Stopped PATRIOT!

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Regarding the Death Penalty

Did you ever notice that some people shorten “Death Penalty” to “DP” in written forums? What’s with that? “DP.” “D to the P.” “Donkey Puncharello” if you’re not in to the whole brevity thing.

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Schwarzenegger denies clemency to convicted killer – Yahoo! News

Schwarzenegger denies clemency to convicted killer – Yahoo! News. You’ll recall that Schwarzenegger is a self-described social moderate. Seems to me that with this sort of nonsense decision he’s a far-right pandering assclown. If you needed yet another reason to vote against this guy when he comes up for reelection — and if you do, […]

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iTunes Signature

Have you made your iTunes Signature yet? From the site: People often ask me what music I listen to, and I find it difficult to describe my enormous music collection in just a few sentences. So I created iTSM to answer in sound a question I cannot answer in words. Here’s My signature. Its contents […]

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