Kingdom of Loathing

I’m not really one for video games. I don’t own an Xbox or a PlayStation or whatever it is the (thirty-year-old, apparently) kids have these days, and my eyes sort of glaze over when people start going on about GTA:Topeka and what have you. I guess it’s because I don’t find the games at all compelling. Why waste my time with something that’s obviously put together by talentless ametures? Well, unforaunately for my free time, I’ve found a computer game that is the ultimate in class, intellectual stimulation and production values.

Kingdom of Loathing

The game is called Kingdom of Loathing, and damn. As you can see, it’s after 1:00AM and here I am playing it (worse, actually: I’m writing about playing it).

The basic idea is that you’re some sort of stick figure and you wander about and do some stuff. You’d think that this would be weak, but it isn’t. You get to beat up bums, steal wallets, rescue artists’ tools, and get hopped up on goofballs. If you aren’t sold already, let me tell you about the graphics: it’s all stick figures. Damn.

Joking aside, it’s incredibly addicitve and the writing is hilarious. If you’re one who doesn’t understand the whole video game craze and would much rather make fun of the damn things, this is your game.

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