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Push-based content delivery

Mark Cuban suggests in Time to allow hard drives pre loaded with Music….and change Harry Fox – Blog Maverick – that a push delivery system for electronic content (music is discussed specifically in this article) be developed. The basic idea is that your service provider throw down some number of tracks on to your […]

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Sports with Woody: Women’s Basketball

Have you ever been a couple days in with a few days still to go on something that turned out to not be quite as funny as you thought it would be? Yeah, me too. Maybe it’s because I’ve done the two boring sports — baseball and American football — that I don’t really like. […]

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NaNoWriMo Props

Jill finished her NaNoWriMo novel. Long story short here: she’s written a 50,000+ word novel inside of the month of November. Congratulations, maximum respect and &C!

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Help identify a toy racecar

My uncle posted pictures of a toy racecar that he’s trying to identify. Do any of you know anything about this car?

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One Song, Five Takes — A Musical Meme

It’s music meme time, boys and girls! This one comes from Scalzi’s The Whatever. The basic idea is that you take a song that’s been covered frequently and do a quick review of five of the covers. Always a fan of covers, this one strikes me as a lot of fun. My Selection: “Don’t Think […]

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Sports with Woody: Baseball

Inspired by Cheers’ “Woody,” we took a brief look at who would be the top dog in the NFL if matches were decided only by team name. I think the results were pretty convincing. How well might the same reasoning be applied to Major League Baseball? Again, initial seeding was done alphabetically. I also had […]

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A proud moment for the US of A

Our fine nation will be holding its 1,000th execution since the death penalty was reinstated some time this week. There are few ways in which our nation is worse. One is never in the right to kill another person. The fact that we as a nation (64% of us, according to the article) don’t understand […]

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Sports with Woody: Football

Remember that episode of “Cheers” where Woody was betting on the NFL pool? He picked 12 of 12 games one week and decided to put $1,000 on his picks for the next week. His method: decide who should win by looking at the team names. If Chicago was playing Miami, you know pretty well that […]

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Thanksgiving Cooking: Smoked Turkey

OK, so it’s the day before Thanksgiving and you’re scrambling for a quick and easy way to put a turkey together. Look somewhere else. I don’t do that sort of thing. I smoke turkeys. They take upwards of ten hours to prepare. That said, it’s late and I have to get up in a little […]

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2006 NBA All-Star Ballot

The NBA‘s 2006 All-Star ballots (which are freakin’ impossible to link to, so you’re on your own to find them on the NBA site) are out. Here’s my ballot: West Forwards: Elton Brand and Tim Duncan Sorry, KG. Elton and the Clippers are having a great year, and your team kind of sucks. Good thing […]

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