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Freedom In Peril

This NRA tract is pretty awesome. Stock up on ammo now or else Rosie O’Donnell, some hippy farmer chick with a bomb-carrying owl and a land-lobster for companions, the black helicopter people and America’s minority communities are going to do something really naughty to you. Kidding aside, the illustrations in the piece are really good. […]

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Happy Holidays: your house just burned down

Follows is a from CLV. Yesterday morning at 3 am, the house where my friends Legion and Crickett (and their housemate Soonie) burned to the ground. Sarahliz just moved out a couple days ago, and she lost some stuff, too. Everyone, including the cats, survived. But they lost ALL of their stuff. I was down […]

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And just that quickly, I have a new battery

I stopped at home yesterday to drop off some packages and found a new battery on my front porch. I have to say that Apple’s turnaround time on this was pretty impressive. Almost as impressive as if the battery hadn’t gone so quickly bad in the first place ;)

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An early Merry (although NSFW) Christmas from the Lonely Island

Have you ever seen a webmeme video that a) is hilarious and b) reminds you of somebody you know? Merry Christmas! (or similar)

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Quality Engineering

I got an exploding battery! (Serial number ending in “U7SC.”) It didn’t explode, but it bowed the battery case out to the point that the mouse on my laptop thought it was pressed all the time. Two things that this is not: braggable. Both of them, actually, are “braggable.” The only redeeming thing about the […]

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Truly great sports writing

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most people don’t read any sort of sports journalism for the writing. It’s usually all about the numbers and grasping at any opportunity to speculate about KG coming to LA or similar. The Clipper Blog, which I appreciate more and more with each article […]

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Area man totally going to Macworld

I hadn’t planned on going, but if they’re going to send me a card this rad, I sort of have to.

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Turning in to your parents

I’m at that age where I and many of my friends have finally figured out that we’re more or less going to turn in to our parents. I don’t think that this is good or bad so much as it is more or less inevitable and at least mildly funny. Zefrank provides useful perspective on […]

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Suspected Web Forgery

This image would be a lot funnier if I didn’t go over to and get the same error message. I wonder what’s up.

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H3: The environmental choice

SvN links to and discusses a study regarding the environmental cost of different cars. The original article discusses the energy cost per mile to build different cars and concludes, amongst other things, that the Hummer H3 takes less of an environmental toll than a Honda Civic Hybrid. And while many consumers and environmentalists have targeted […]

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