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So The ‘Hoo releases its maps beta today. It’s supposed to have better international coverage, especially for satellite images. This is handy, because my sister moved in to a new house in London yesterday, and I’d like to see it.

The address she gave me was of the form

XXX BritishSounding Road
London YNN NAB

With the N’s and X’s and what have you being what you’d think they are. I paste this in to Yahoo and it gives me the GFY. (Although to its credit, it converted a multi-line paste to one line, which the Goog doesn’t do.) OK, the parens around “UK” are pesky, so I got rid of those. Mildly more useful, it points to a map of England. No kidding, Yahoo.

So I go over to Goog’s maps and try — after manually flattening the address to one line, which was a real bother — the same thing. Still no dice! WTF, maps? After about five minutes of playing around, I arrive on a format that works for Google:

XXX BritishSounding Road, Cityname, UK

Google took this and said “do you really mean <exact address>?” Yahoo, unfortunately, only pointed me at the center of Cityname.

Oh well. I guess that’s why it’s a beta.

Update: Dammit, Google didn’t give the correct result. It got me to the correct street, but not the correct street address. Curse you, Magic Internet Machine, for failing me again!

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  1. Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith
    April 12, 2006 at 11:17 pm |

    Yeah, one thing about maps in general as compared to search is the difference between the right answer and the *almost * right answer is more of the lightning vs. lightning bug variety.

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