Yahoo, China, yada yada yada

OK, even I’m getting bored of these. It’s not quite outrage fatigue, but it’s similar.

Surprise surprise, Yahoo drops a dime on yet another Chinese dissadent.

News implicating Yahoo in the imprisonment of Jiang Lijun in 2003 surfaced on the eve of a summit between Chinese President Hu Jintao and President Bush in Washington.

It was the third such case involving the U.S. Internet giant.

So, yeah. Boo on you, Yahoo. Way to stand up for the little guy.

I not I’ve not stated it explicitly before, always assuming that it was just understood. In case this was a mistake, I’ll be clear here: while Yahoo — and Google, and whoever else — clearly isn’t the good guy in the whole China situation, they’re not the bad guy, either. China is very clearly the bad guy. They’re the ones who need to clean up their act and stop doing stuff like imprisoning its citizens for questioning the government.

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