Cry me a river

So Microsoft has a browser update and they’ve built a search box in to it. Woo, woo, toot toot, beep beep. I still won’t use it. Not surprisingly, the search box defaults to MSN search. Go figure. It’s their browser. Google is all different sorts of fussy about this, claiming that somehow Microsoft is limiting its users choice. (From everything I’ve read, it’s not exactly difficult to switch search engines in IE version whatever.)

Yahoo’s J-Z has an amusing writeup on how Google really does need to shave its ass about browser search engine “choice.”

First off, I agree that companies should compete based on quality. But Microsoft and McDonald’s are both shining examples of how that’s not necessarily the way it works when “the market” is involved in the decision making. Price and convenience tend to trump quality.

However, if that’s what Google or Marissa really believe, why did they enter into an agreement that’d result in paying $1 billion to Dell Computer in exchange for a Googlized web browser on the computers they ship?

Right! Because many users don’t choose. And Google decided to take advantage of that fact.

Now that Microsoft is doing the same, it’s suddenly a big deal.

Cry me a river…

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