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Have you ever been to North Dakota?

From Mob Rule’s counties map site: And the 11 least visited counties by our users (lower 48 states) 1T. Eddy, ND 1T. Griggs, ND 3T. Daniels, MT 3T. Logan, ND 3T. McIntosh, ND 3T. Steele, ND 7T. Cavalier, ND 7T. Dickey, ND 7T. Towner, ND 7T. Grant, ND 11. Sheridan, ND

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Fun with Microsoft DRM

But it gets worse. If you rip your own CDs, WiMP11 will take your rights away too. If the ‘Copy protect music’ option is turned on, well, I can’t top their 1984 wording. “If the file is a song you ripped from a CD with the Copy protect music option turned on, you might be […]

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Show me your power move

Photo by Anne Bonney More Vacuum Cleaners

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Lazyweb, find me a roofing contractor

Does anybody know of a quality roofing contractor in/around the SGV? Stephanie and I need to have some minor repairs made to the roof — re-mastic a few spots, fix the way the ridge nails are done, etc. — and would welcome any recommendations.

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Sunday night PSA

There’s enough vermouth left over from your first round. For number two, all you need is gin and two more olives.

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Why I fired Speakeasy

I fired Speakeasy today. They had been my ISP for the last year and a half or so. For the most part I’ve been happy with them. Uptime was never a problem, nor was bandwidth. However, the customer service — which along with their liberal terms of service was what I originally hired them for […]

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Good times woo yeah

There’s relatively little traffic between Monrovia and Pasadena at 5:30 in the A of M. Just thought I’d share.

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I was going to say something snarky today, but I think a better use of this time and space would be to point you over at Chris who has some useful things to say about the 5th anniversary of September 11th. We’re going to hear a lot of speeches from a lot of people today. […]

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DHH got Served!

DHH v. Joel On Software is turning out to be the best nerd sissy-fight of the year, and it’s devolved to a level that’s truly funny. Joel lands the latest punch in his 300th installment of “I’m so great because I put my developers in private offices and live in New York: To some extent, […]

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It’s never too soon….

Notable celebrity death + at-home t-shirt production = exceedingly tacky yet funny. It’s true. Do the math and prove it for yourself.

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