A first go with Y! Pipes

So Jill mentions a blog that from time to time posts weekend things to do with the family. This is braggable. I’m always looking out for that sort of thing.

However, the site doesn’t seem to have per-category RSS feeds. (That, or I’m just too lazy to find them.) I’d like to read about things to do, but the main content of the blog — wireless technology — is something that I have a real hard time getting in to. This struck me as a fine opportunity to give Y!Pipes a go.

Man was it easy. Enter the URL in to a box that sounds like it will pull the data down and up pops a debugger to tell me what it’s found. There’s a handily-named “filter” box that will do what you expect. Drag the little bits from one box to the next — the “what does the pipe produce now” debugging output always current — and you’re done.

I usually can’t say enough snarky things about my former employer, but I have to give them credit here. Pipes really is cool, very well implemented and stunningly easy to use. This is easily the most well-executed Web 2.0 “version one” that I’ve ever used. Kudos, Yahoo.

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