Greetings from Detroit (Rock City)

And a good day to you! We started things very, very early today. Well, for us at least. After I was done showering and getting dressed and what not (and I am by no means quick in this regard), it was still… well:

Early. Very, very early. We made it to the airport without complication and had time to have some breakfast and do some lounging before the flight.

Of course you can all guess which airline we took:

Why fly anything else?

Five hours later and we’re in Detroit, Rock City. Our layover is about five hours. Plenty of time for a bite to eat, some Flickr uploading and a little exploring. Fletcher was quite taken by one of the fountains in the airport.

The terminal we’re in is crazy long. There are 78 gates in the terminal. Both sides have gates, and each is a little more than an airplane or so wide. After we ate we took a stroll down to gate 1 on the other end of the terminal.

While we were down there we had some spare time, so Stephanie busted out the yoga mat and did some of her travel workout. In some ways, having the huge layover is cool as it keeps us from being stuck on a plane for 14 or 15 hours. Braggable.

We took the NWA tram back up to our gate, as we only had three and a half hours before our flight left. I can’t say that it’s completely necessary, but it certainly is a cute little train. The “you have to wait this long” signs were particularly helpful.

Now we have some pretty serious time killing to do before we head off for Paris. More news as it happens. <sfx: Curried Soul>

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