Greetings from Ghent

As it turns out, there’s no internets in rural France. So I’ve been completely disconnected since last Wednesday. I have half a post with events from Paris, but it isn’t done and I’m tired. Long story short: Paris was amazing. We did everything we wanted to do. Charente was beautiful and the wedding was amazing as were all other associated parties. (There were very many.) We’re in Belgium now and I have a cold, so I’m going to sleep.

Until I can get some more notes from the trip up (and photos — my camera decided to dissappear in Paris, so I’m hooked up to Stephanie’s fire hose of photos), here are the names of a few cities we’ve been in or near:

  • Villejesus, France
  • Viellemorte, France
  • Germeville, France
  • Fouqueure, France
  • Asse, Belgium

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