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November Riding

November Miles: 276 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 166% 2009 Miles: 2,494 Percentage of 2009 Goal: 125% Wow, a bit late on this one. Not a lot to say about November. The weather was great for commuting for most of the month. No horrible travesties at work that kept me off the bike. I got to […]

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October Riding

October Miles: 202 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 121% 2009 Miles: 2,218 Percentage of 2009 Goal: 110% October is the riding month that Stephanie and I had been planning for all year. We had signed up for the Livestrong challenge in Austin, planning to do the 90 mile route through Texas hill country. While we didn’t […]

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Collective nouns for “Hawk” in New Zeland

An aerie of hawks A boil of hawks A brace of hawks A brood of hawks A cast of hawks A couple of hawks An eyass of hawks An eyrie of hawks An eyry of hawks A flight of hawks A kettle of hawks A knot of hawks A lease of hawks A leash of […]

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Twitter is my randomness entropy

Inspired by Henry’s Facebook comment. import urllib2, hashlib TWITTER = ‘’ def hashed(seq): sha1 = hashlib.sha1() for x in seq: sha1.update(x) yield sha1.digest() def words(wordsize, seq): for x in seq: for i in xrange(0, len(x), wordsize): yield int(x[i:(wordsize + i)].encode(‘hex’), 16) def twitrandoms(wordsize = 4, chunksize = 37): def infinite_twitrandom(): while True: data = urllib2.urlopen(TWITTER).read() […]

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September Riding

September Miles: 196 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 117% 2009 Miles: 2,016 Percentage of 2009 Goal: just over 100% Well, an exciting month for certain. I made my goal for the year this month. Just this morning, in fact. I left the house with 1,995 and 3/4 miles, which put me just past The Arboretum when […]

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Hike and Bike camp sites in California

View California Hike and Bike Parks in a larger map I have no idea what the state budget issues will do to this list, but as of September 19, 2009, this is what the California State Parks web site has to say about Hike & Bike camps.

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Looks like there’s a pretty glaring hole in all but the most recent version of WordPress. A brief inspection of this site reveals that I’m way behind current and was broken in to. A fresh install was in order, and here we are. Not quite sure why I’m managing my own install in this day […]

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August Riding

August Miles: 161 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 96% 2009 Miles: 1,820 Percentage of 2009 Goal: 91% It had to happen some month, and I would have bet at the beginning of the year that it would have been August. I missed goal this month. By less than six miles, too. Which is pretty dissapointing. Thing […]

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July Riding

July Miles: 177 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 106% 2009 Miles: 1,659 Percentage of 2009 Goal: 83% I know it’s still July, but I’m not riding tomorrow, so whatever. August was the month that I worried about. It’s often damn hot for three or four weeks straight in August. I love riding, but I’m not commuting […]

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June Riding

June Miles: 173 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 103% 2009 Miles: 1,482 Percentage of 2009 Goal: 74% Slow going last month. I spent a little more than a week dealing with a cold and then a few days after that traveling. Add a few “hey, wear a tie” days at work to that, and I wind […]

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