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2009 Resolution

My 2008 new years resolution was to ride my bike to work 50 times. I made it, but just barely, making it to 50 in the second week of December. Fifty trips between Monrovia and Pasadena is about 1,000 miles. That’s not a ton of riding in a year, but it’s a whole lot more […]

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Pizza Port

For the last few months Russ Roca over at the Epicurean Cyclist has been talking up Pizza Port something fierce. Stephanie and I decided to check it out a couple of weeks ago and weren’t at all disappointed. It’s a bit of a schlep down to San Clemente, but oh my was it worth it. […]

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Well crap.

I broke a pedal on the way in to work today. It just snapped while I was getting started in to an intersection. I can still pedal the bike, but there’s a lot of give to it now, and I’m not entirely sure how hard I can push on it before it breaks further, which […]

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My votes for the 2009 Bloggies

Voting for the 2009 Bloggies is open now. My voting rules are as follows: If I don’t read any blogs in the category, don’t vote. If I only read one, vote for that one. If I read several: I don’t think this actually happened. So, the categories that I voted in: Best Web Application for […]

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