Pizza Port

For the last few months Russ Roca over at the Epicurean Cyclist has been talking up Pizza Port something fierce. Stephanie and I decided to check it out a couple of weeks ago and weren’t at all disappointed.

It’s a bit of a schlep down to San Clemente, but oh my was it worth it. Their beer selection was right up my alley — they seem to focus on hoppy beers — and the pie was something else. Ours had grilled chicken, artichokes, feta, and (hopefully I’m remembering this correctly) sun-dried tomatoes.

After lunch we wandered around town for a bit. It was an absolutely beautiful day down there and a great little town to walk around in. If you have a spare Saturday afternoon and you enjoy beer and pizza, you really do owe it to yourself to give it a go. (Thanks for the tip, Russ!)

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