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May Riding

May Miles: 501 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 300% 2009 Miles: 1,309 Percentage of 2009 Goal: 65% May was, far and away, the biggest cycling month I’ve had. The stars really did align in terms of great weather, not too many “business casual” days at work, getting the bike situation straightened out, and a couple of […]

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Pasadena BTWD 2009

Today is Bike To Work Day. There are bike “pit stops” all over LA, all doing different things. My goal this morning was to check out the three Pasadena stops. I rolled in to the REI-sponsored stop at the Allen gold line station at about 8:30. They said that they had talked to a lot […]

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April Riding

April Miles: 167 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 100% 2009 Miles: 808 Percentage of 2009 Goal: 40% April was a rough month, riding-wise. My commuter finally bit the dust, and I was without a bike for the better part of two weeks. After that we were out of town for spring break — we had a […]

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