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October Riding

October Miles: 202 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 121% 2009 Miles: 2,218 Percentage of 2009 Goal: 110% October is the riding month that Stephanie and I had been planning for all year. We had signed up for the Livestrong challenge in Austin, planning to do the 90 mile route through Texas hill country. While we didn’t […]

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Collective nouns for “Hawk” in New Zeland

An aerie of hawks A boil of hawks A brace of hawks A brood of hawks A cast of hawks A couple of hawks An eyass of hawks An eyrie of hawks An eyry of hawks A flight of hawks A kettle of hawks A knot of hawks A lease of hawks A leash of […]

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Twitter is my randomness entropy

Inspired by Henry’s Facebook comment. import urllib2, hashlib TWITTER = ‘’ def hashed(seq): sha1 = hashlib.sha1() for x in seq: sha1.update(x) yield sha1.digest() def words(wordsize, seq): for x in seq: for i in xrange(0, len(x), wordsize): yield int(x[i:(wordsize + i)].encode(‘hex’), 16) def twitrandoms(wordsize = 4, chunksize = 37): def infinite_twitrandom(): while True: data = urllib2.urlopen(TWITTER).read() […]

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