December Cycling and 2009 in review

December Miles: 85
Percentage of Monthly Goal: 51%
2009 Miles: 2,642 (Slightly cleaned up from November’s total)
Percentage of 2009 Goal: 132%

Well, the year ended with a bit of a cycling whimper. Between a cold and rain and travel I barely hit half of plan for December, but no matter: I beat my annual goal pretty handily, so I’m happy.

Here are some nerdy charts that nobody other than me will be interested in:

First, mileage per month:

What this says to me is that in most months, I more or less hit what I was targeting. More more than less, and May and December are certainly outliers, but in general the amount of riding I did was about what I set out to do. So clearly for 2010 I need to set out to do more.

Here are the mileages for each individual ride I did:

Not too surprisingly, 19.8 mile rides — my commute along the most usual route I take — dominate. One 65, one 50, a few 40’s and 35’s. I’ve found that ~30 is a nice comfortable ride at this point, so I really need to start doing more 40-60 mile rides if I want to get any sort of exercise benefit out of cycling. Also, I really do enjoy the longer rides. They’re a fun way to spend the day.

So, on to goals for 2010. Here’s what I’m targeting:

  • 3,000 overall miles. Following the same “add 1,000″ rule as last year, that seemed to work well enough. Although maybe I should be adding 1,000 miles to what I did this year. Hmm…
  • Ride at least one century. Looking at calendars and schedules and just being realistitc, I think doing one of the various supported centuries (~100 mile rides) with Stephanie and maybe the Stan’s group is a more attainable goal than doing a 200km unsupported brevet.
  • Ride at least one of the area’s well-known climbs. All the cool kids climb. I ride mostly on level ground. I’m really curious to see if I could handle GMR or Palomar or Crystal Lake or whatever. I certainly couldn’t today. This, I think, more than the other two is something I’ll have to work up to this year.

I’m pretty excited about cycling in 2010. There’s nothing quite like arbitrary goals to give you a good excuse to get out and ride ;)

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