Coffeeneuring Challenge 2013

This is my first year participating in the Coffeeneuring Challenge. This time of year it’s far too easy for me to get overwhelmed by everything else that’s going on — the boy’s marching band season, the beginning of the FTC season, school, general fall-ness, etc. — and neglect riding. This is too bad, because getting out on the bike is one of those thing that makes giving proper attention to everything else that much easier and rewarding. So hooray for Coffeeneuring for giving me an excuse to get out there.

1) Lucky Baldwin’s, Pasadena (5, Oct.)

A happy start to the season. Saturday band rehearsal gave Stephanie and me time to meet for lunch (to include coffee!), so I took a nice leisurely spin via the Rose Bowl over to LB’s east Pasadena location. Coffeeneuring supplemented by a nice meal and a cool one is pretty difficult to beat.

2) Jones Coffee Roasters, Pasadena (20, Oct.)

Taking advantage of Coffeeneuring R19, I visited Jones Roasters for a bag-o-beans. They had a small jazz combo on that afternoon, so I was compelled to stick around for a glass of drip and listen a while.

3) Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Monrovia (27, Oct.)

A busy weekend, I took a very, very short trip down the street (~2km) for some sort of a mocha thing in a big fancy glass. Sure was fancy.

4) Klatch Coffee, San Dimas (2, Nov.)

Lesson learned here: Don’t briefly glance at a map for directions to a coffee place you’ve never been to before. I got about 5 bonus miles in trying to find Klatch in amongst the mini malls and freeway on ramps. Good times. (At least there was coffee.)

5) Busters, South Pasadena (3, Nov.)

Busters has been a favorite for a bunch of years. Hooray for handy bike parking.

6) Lucky Baldwin’s, Sierra Madre (10, Nov.)

After a busy weekend there was only time for a night ride. Lucky Baldwin’s Sierra Madre location had some nice tea for me.

7) Bean Town, Sierra Madre (17, Nov.)

This was the weekend of LA’s first FTC Block Party tournament, hosted at Monrovia HS. I was the Field Tech Advisor, which turned out to be exhausting. I had big plans for riding to Lucky Baldwin’s other Pasadena location for breakfast and coffee, but the only thing I could manage at the end of the day (after much sleep) was a night ride up to Sierra Madre for a cuppa. Woo!

And that’s coffeeneuring 2013. It’s a busy time of year, but wow is it good to have an excuse to be on the bike.

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