Coffeeneuring Challenge 2013

This is my first year participating in the Coffeeneuring Challenge. This time of year it’s far too easy for me to get overwhelmed by everything else that’s going on — the boy’s marching band season, the beginning of the FTC season, school, general fall-ness, etc. — and neglect riding. This is too bad, because getting […]

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First commute of the new year

Gather round, boys and girls, for today’s bicycle commuting lesson. I would like to teach you a small bit about chain maintenance. Typically one wipes the gunk off of their chain every now and again. You know, just get the grit and the grime off of there. Make sure it doesn’t wear more quickly than […]

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Things to keep in mind for 2013

You can put Sriricha on more everyday foods than you would expect. Waking up half an hour earlier so you can ride your bike to work is worth it. Wool is underrated.

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The five programming books that meant most to me

As seems to be the done thing on the internets this holiday season, here’s my list. The C++ Programming Language: This was one of the first programming books I ever read. It taught me what C/++ programs look like, how to write a basic parser, basic object-oriented programming, the difference between stack and heap allocation, […]

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The Central Coast at 10mph or How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Fletcher and I got back a few days ago from a bicycle tour down California’s central coast. We started in San Simeon and rode down to Ventura stopping in Morro Bay, Pismo Beach, Santa Maria, Buellton, El Capitan State Beach and Santa Barbara along the way — nearly 220 miles all told. It was a […]

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Hola, Amigos. I know it’s been a while since I’ve rapped at y’all, but it’s been a busy year for the old cp. Well, I guess not much busier than normal, but busy enough that finding time for the old blog hasn’t really bubbled up to the top of the stack of things to do. […]

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December Cycling and 2009 in review

December Miles: 85 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 51% 2009 Miles: 2,642 (Slightly cleaned up from November’s total) Percentage of 2009 Goal: 132% Well, the year ended with a bit of a cycling whimper. Between a cold and rain and travel I barely hit half of plan for December, but no matter: I beat my annual […]

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November Riding

November Miles: 276 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 166% 2009 Miles: 2,494 Percentage of 2009 Goal: 125% Wow, a bit late on this one. Not a lot to say about November. The weather was great for commuting for most of the month. No horrible travesties at work that kept me off the bike. I got to […]

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October Riding

October Miles: 202 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 121% 2009 Miles: 2,218 Percentage of 2009 Goal: 110% October is the riding month that Stephanie and I had been planning for all year. We had signed up for the Livestrong challenge in Austin, planning to do the 90 mile route through Texas hill country. While we didn’t […]

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Collective nouns for “Hawk” in New Zeland

An aerie of hawks A boil of hawks A brace of hawks A brood of hawks A cast of hawks A couple of hawks An eyass of hawks An eyrie of hawks An eyry of hawks A flight of hawks A kettle of hawks A knot of hawks A lease of hawks A leash of […]

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