Platinum Level Bribery Plan

Panic‘s Steven Frank explains the company’s MacWorld bribe policy: Sandwiches / Pizza / Burritos: A sincere effort will be made to resolve the bug upon our return One of whatever new hardware Apple announces: Our special “white glove” service — while working on your bug, we’ll wear tasteful white cotton gloves Cash bribes in excess […]

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Proper software licensing

This fun little tidbit over on Daring Fireball absolutely floored me. What’s interesting about this is that the single-computer license isn’t enforced in code by the operating system. (Or at least that’s been the case with Mac OS X 10.0 through 10.4.) And, I suspect, most DF readers are aware of this. Which means many […]

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The iPhone price drop makes me happy to be a gadget late adopter

Apple announced some new products and prices today, and apparently some people aren’t exactly (update: not all that displeased, as it turns out) pleased about the prices of iPhones dropping by $200 so quickly after they were introduced. Which I sort of get and then sort of don’t. Yeah, it’s a bummer and all that […]

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In which I nitpick like nobody’s business

Brad mentioned that Google Gears doesn’t work in Safari for Windows. I wondered, naturally, if this wasn’t just a Windows Thing. To find out, I fired up Safari on a mac to try to install Gears. Imagine my surprise when I see the following: What’s up, Google? I know that there are differences between the […]

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Safari on Windows?

Hands up if you’re excited about Safari running on Windows. As I don’t even use it on OS X, I can’t say that I am.

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A clever workaround to Apple’s userdata-laden media files.

Apparently Apple is putting your account information in the DRM-free media files it sells. I’ve come up with a clever solution to this problem: don’t put the files on file-sharing sites. That way, your personal data can never get out. Easy! I’m relatively certain that your off-brand media player or TiVo or whatever you end […]

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DRM-free iTunes

So Apple is going to sell “premium” tracks on its iTunes store for $1.29. The “premium” part? 256-bit encoding and no DRM. Which I guess is pretty cool. I wonder what the over/under on how long this lasts is? The deal doesn’t include Beatles’ tracks, but will supposedly cover the rest of EMI’s catalog. Wikipedia […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Quicksilver

Lifehacker is currently running a beginner’s guide to Quicksilver. Quicksilver is an amazing utility. It completely changes the way you use your computer, replacing tons of mousing with a few keystrokes. If you depend upon your wrists for your livelihood, I can’t recommend getting to know Quicksilver quite enough.

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Removing duplicate tracks from iTunes with Ruby and RBOSA

When I put a new hard drive in my computer, I decided to reinstall the operating system and install applications and data from scratch. Unfortunately, I had a small mishap and accidentally imported two copies of my iTunes library. Removing duplicates by hand would have been possible, but it would have been tedious as well. […]

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Local Service Reviews: Di-No Computers and Gem Plumbing

I recently worked with two local service providers: Gem Plumbing and Di-No Computers. Both got the job done both quickly and well. I recommend both. We called Gem a few weeks back when the line running from our bathroom backed up. The disclosure statement for the house suggested that this would happen and that we […]

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