commute by bike

Brief bike update

Hola, Amigos. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve rapped at ya about the bikes, so I figured I’d fire off a quick update. I’m a little more than one third of the way done with my new years resolution. Today was my 17th ride to/from work. To celebrate hitting the 1/3rd mark, […]

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Two (4% down, 96% to go!)

Rode in a second time this last Friday. I took a slightly different route this time, and I think it worked out really well. Part of what I’m shooting for is to ride in mostly on residential roads and skip the whole traffic bit. With a couple of exceptions — a couple of blocks on […]

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One down, 49 to go

My new year’s resolution this year is to ride my bike to work at least 50 times. The first thing that I have learned from this is that I a master of excuse making. Between morning meetings, my employer’s occasional “dress like a banker” days, family scheduling, angst about being drenched with sweat at work […]

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