Alternate Film Canon: Dystopian Futures

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Scalzi‘s listings from the Rough Guides‘ Movie guides. They make me wonder what the canon lists of movies would be for specific topics. I’ve listed a few that I think should be on the list (sticking to movies that I’ve seen, of which there are far too few). What else belongs […]

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The Indy Film Canon

Empire Online lists the 50 greatest Independent Films of all time. Which, to me, says that it’s once again time for the film canon game. Onwards! Note that I don’t really see value in the forced 1-50 ranking. I like the bag-of-movies approach much more. However, this is how they were originally presented, so I’ll […]

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The Comedy Canon

It’s movie canon time again. This time, Scalzi presents the list is from The Rough Guide to Comedy Movies. Same drill as the Sci-Fi list: mark movies you’ve seen and movies that you own a copy of*. Airplane! All About Eve Amelie Annie Hall The Apartment Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Blazing Saddles * […]

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Memorable Moments in Modern Drama: Our Only Chance

DUDLEY: But what do we know of the man? Nothing! We have no inkling of his past! NELSON: Correct, and that is an asset. A man’s past can cripple him, his background turns into a swamp and invites scrutiny. CALDWELL: To this time, he hasn’t said anything that could be used against him. BENNET: Well, […]

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Memorable Moments in Modern Drama: Score

BEAVIS: Hey wait a minute. What’s going on? Why are we getting back on the bus? OLD GUY: It’s time to go son. BEAVIS: We can’t leave! We never met that chick! Dammit!!! We were supposed to get some! BUTT-HEAD: Huh huh huh. Settle down Beavis. BEAVIS: Oh yeah,…I mean no. NO! I won’t settle […]

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SciFi Film Canon

Scalzi posted the Science Fiction Film Canon from his new book The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies. Apparently all the cool kids are making big lists of the ones they have and haven’t seen. Here’s the list for me (I’ve seen the [sadly short list of] films in boldface). The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across […]

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Memorable Moments in Modern Drama: Purity of Essence

Ripper: Have you ever seen a commie drink a glass of water? Mandrake: Well, no I… I can’t say I have, Jack. Ripper: Vodka. That’s what they drink, isn’t it? Never water? Mandrake: Well I… I believe that’s what they drink, Jack. Yes. Ripper: On no account will a commie ever drink water, and not […]

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Memorable Moments in Modern Drama: White Russian

DUDE: This is quite a pad you got here, man. Completely unspoiled. TREEHORN: What’s your drink, Dude? DUDE: White Russian, thanks. How’s the smut business, Jackie? TREEHORN: I wouldn’t know, Dude. I deal in publishing, entertainment, political advocacy, and… DUDE: Which one was Logjammin’? TREEHORN: Regrettably, it’s true, standards have fallen in adult entertainment. It’s […]

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Memorable Moments in Modern Drama: The Wolfen

Ignignokt: Fryman, we’re full of religion now. Everyone, please bow your heads and pretend to be serious. Err: Do it or I’ll bow them for you. Ignignokt: You have deeply offended us and our God, and our God is a god of vengeance. And horror. Err: And action. Ignignokt: Our god is an Indian that […]

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