Fox Sports is awesome

Here’s the lead from today’s “Dime daily blog” on Fox Sports: Last night the Dime crew was up at Rucker Park for something unprecedented and pretty cool: 2K Sports’ motion capture session for NBA 2K8 on the world famous playground court with Andre Iguodala, Gerald Wallace, Rudy BLEEP and 2K8 cover guy Chris Paul. Chris […]

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AFI Top 100 Films List

The AFI has a 10th anniversary top 100 films list out. I really haven’t seen too many of these, although the ones I have seen have been (for the most part, excluding “Titanic” which was absolutely awful) very, very good. Some quick pulls from the list: My favorite from this list:. “Dr Strangelove” From the […]

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What the world needs is more theremin covers of overplayed songs

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There are two sides to every debate

Sometimes, however, one of those sides is just plain wrong.

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All the cool kids are wikigroaning these days. I can not pass up a fad, so: Ninja : Real Ultimate Power (I think Wikipedia does surprisingly well for this one.) What’s your favorite wikigroan?

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A personal apology to Julie Amero

There was great news today on the insanity that is the Julie Amero conviction: A judge has granted a new trial to Julie Amero, a former substitute teacher in Norwich, Connecticut who was convicted in January on four felony counts of risking injury to minors after she was unable to prevent pornographic pop-ups from showing […]

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Because nobody should ever have a case of the Mondays on a Tuesday

Youtube videos of live folk covers of antiquated rap anthems is clearly what Al Gore created the internets for.

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Happy Birthday, Bob

Darkness at the break of noon Shadows even the silver spoon The handmade blade, the child’s balloon Eclipses both the sun and moon To understand you know too soon There is no sense in trying. Pointed threats, they bluff with scorn Suicide remarks are torn From the fool’s gold mouthpiece The hollow horn plays wasted […]

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Dave Thomas on Paying Back

Dave Thomas has a fine idea for improving conferences by adding a focus on charitable giving: Just imagine the difference we could make if, as an industry, we turned each of these conferences into a chance to raise much needed money for worthy charities. Imagine if, rather than getting yet one more burlap bag with […]

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High Definition

09 f9 11 02 9d 74 e3 5b d8 41 56 c5 63 I personally would have gone with f8 rather than f9.  F9 is so last year.

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