Pasadena BTWD 2009

Today is Bike To Work Day. There are bike “pit stops” all over LA, all doing different things. My goal this morning was to check out the three Pasadena stops. I rolled in to the REI-sponsored stop at the Allen gold line station at about 8:30. They said that they had talked to a lot […]

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April Riding

April Miles: 167 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 100% 2009 Miles: 808 Percentage of 2009 Goal: 40% April was a rough month, riding-wise. My commuter finally bit the dust, and I was without a bike for the better part of two weeks. After that we were out of town for spring break — we had a […]

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What’s up with Pashley pricing in the US?

The Pashley brand is new to me. I think I saw it first on ecovelo. Some of their bikes — especially those in the “classic bicycles” range — are gorgeous. When I looked in to how much they cost, I was shocked to see a huge difference between the UK prices and the US prices. […]

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Auspiciously timed, I finished building up the old Bridgestone that I’ve been working on since November last night. Calling it by its decals, I give you Resurrectio: Here’s the original, for compare/contract purposes: A quick note regarding the name: Riv sells decal sets for old bikes made new. There’s lots of resurrection and phoenix motifs […]

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March riding

March miles: 206.1 Percentage of monthly goal: 123% 2009 miles: 641 Percentage of annual goal so far: 32% Well, I’m a quarter of the way through the year and about a third of the way to my goal. Pretty pleasing. I rode much, much less than I wanted to during March. (I had to go […]

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February riding

February miles: 222.31 Percentage of monthly goal: 133% Percentage of annual goal so far: 22% February worked out pretty well in the bike department. Even counting a nine day stretch when I only rode once — for which my excuse of “it was raining” is super weak considering that I went to the trouble to […]

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2009 Resolution

My 2008 new years resolution was to ride my bike to work 50 times. I made it, but just barely, making it to 50 in the second week of December. Fifty trips between Monrovia and Pasadena is about 1,000 miles. That’s not a ton of riding in a year, but it’s a whole lot more […]

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Well crap.

I broke a pedal on the way in to work today. It just snapped while I was getting started in to an intersection. I can still pedal the bike, but there’s a lot of give to it now, and I’m not entirely sure how hard I can push on it before it breaks further, which […]

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Bridgestone rebuild update

I took the bike down to Stan’s today to get the bottom bracket and headset — the only to parts I don’t have the specialized tools to remove — off the frame. $10 later and I’m down to a bare frame and about twenty baggies full of component sets. So now I have to actually […]

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A brief comment regarding belt-driven bikes

CNN reports on some of Trek’s new chainless offerings: Aside from the whisper-quiet ride, the lighter and longer-lasting carbon-fiber composite belts won’t rust, can’t be cut, won’t stretch or slip and won’t leave grease marks around your ankles. A guard over the belt-drive and the construction of the system makes getting your pants stuck an […]

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