Don’t be evil

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Text and Photos by Stephanie L. Smith

Available now at discerning news stands everywhere: The September/October issue of Pilot Getaways magazine. This was Stephanie’s first issue with PG. She’s had a grand time working with the whole team there.

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Fair Dice (for Settlers of Catan and other games using dice)

I love games, but I hate dice. They vex me so. Especially while playing Settlers of Catan. If you’re twice as likely to roll a seven as you are a four, then why in the hell has four come up five turns out of the last six? Etc etc. You get the idea. Inspired by […]

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Slightly more harrowing than usual

This morning, Stephanie, The Kid and I decided to go on a hike. We had already blocked out a chunk of the afternoon for sitting in front of the TV watching the Kentucky Derby and (for two of us, at least) having some mint juleps, so an afternoon out in the mountains seemed like a […]

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High Definition

09 f9 11 02 9d 74 e3 5b d8 41 56 c5 63 I personally would have gone with f8 rather than f9.  F9 is so last year.

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Because I’ve said nothing about politics in some time

McSweeney’s Pros and Cons of the Top 20 Democratic Presidential Candidates is pretty funny. 11. ALLEN IVERSON Pro: Instant offense. Con: Selfish with the ball; may have lost a step. 12. IRA GLASS Pro: Thoughtful; self-effacing; like many Americans, enjoys cable television. Con: At present, no budget line item exists for moody introspective music to […]

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Nerd Tuesday: COULTON’s “Mandelbrot Set”

COULTON’s “thing a week” and the “Jonathan Coulton Project” are available as podcasts. Subscribe.

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Meet our new cat

After years of happy pet-free living, we finally gave in and got a cat. Meet Tommy: I’ve pre-ordered a year’s supply of Claritin, but being completely zonked out 24/7 will totally be worth it to have a little feline companionship around the house. Plus I get to blog about my cat, which is braggable.

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Dramatic proof that God killed Elvis

For a good time, play both videos at the same time.

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Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles

A recent email from the 1947project tipped me off to Esotouric, offering “Bus Adventures into the secret heart of LA.” Stephanie and I went on their Black Dahlia tour last winter and it was amazing. Kim and Nathan put on an exceedingly entertaining and informative tour. As it turns out, they now have a tour […]

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