Hank Chinaski’s old hangouts

The Cheat texted me yesterday. “Drinks?” he asked. “?” was my clever response. I am wonderfully communicative. “Drink!” Clearly The Cheat meant business. Why not? I ask for the where’s/when’s, “Anytime anywhere what’s good for you?” We agree on nineish, down town. I show up at around then and right there and we’re out the […]

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Tonight the kid and I had a mini-Gamenight on account of the real thing being called off for the evening. I really do wish that I had cool German board games when I was a kid. They’re so much more fun than their boring American counterparts (Monopoly? Please.), and the things that they teach you […]

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Vocabulary Notes

My friend Pat passed the following on this morning. It struck me as quite wonderful. Dad does “interesting vocabulary” notes. When they get big enough, he mails them to a list of people that have expressed interest. On the latest list: Verfuscht: [From the German verfuschen, “bungle,botch, make a mess of one’s life.”] ((fair-PFOOSHT)) Dad’s […]

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Innocent Escapes

I feel like a real tool for shilling somebody’s ads, but Brawny’s "Innocent Escapes" web campaign is hi-freaking-larious. Brawny Man stars in a series of Very Special Moments Just For Her short films where he puts the "sin" in "sincere" with laudable gusto. "Because It’s Monday" and "That Thing You’re Going Through" are my personal […]

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Kingdom of Loathing

I’m not really one for video games. I don’t own an Xbox or a PlayStation or whatever it is the (thirty-year-old, apparently) kids have these days, and my eyes sort of glaze over when people start going on about GTA:Topeka and what have you. I guess it’s because I don’t find the games at all […]

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Razor Sharp ‘Toons

Sometimes you see a listing for an event and you know immediately that you can not pass it up. Stephanie called a few days back to tell me about ToonTime with THE RZA and we knew that this was such an event. Musician/Actor/Writer/Icon-extraordinaire RZA — A.K.A. Bobby Digital — is the artist in residence at […]

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