Dramatic Proof that Haskell is Science Fiction

Amazon’s “Better Together” pairing for O’Reilly’s upcoming Real World Haskell: Neal Stephenson’s upcoming Anathem. Coincidence? I think not.

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Pleasing small victories

So a coworker got me hooked on Project Euler today, and I’ve been spending far too much of my free time on it. However, it did lead to a very pleasing moment. One of the problems deals with Collatz sequences: For any number, divide by two if the number is evenly divisible by two, multiply […]

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Haskell Unit Tests with HUnit

I read an OnLamp article today called A Beautiful Regex Matcher… In Haskell. Interesting little piece of code, but there was a (silly little) bug in it. This struck me as a fine opportunity to figure out how HUnit — one of Haskell’s unit testing frameworks — works. Here’s what I came up with: import […]

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Using Parsec in simple Haskell programs

I read two very useful articles about Haskell recently. First is Haskell IO for Imperative Programmers which explains how to do simple IO. (It’s less obvious than you’d think, especially if you’re coming from one of the more popular languages like Java or Ruby.) The second is called JSON Parser in Haskell. It covers in […]

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