Does this mean that we get a brewpub instead?

Sad news for Monrovia from the Pasadena Star News: City officials and Vroman’s representatives had been having discussions about the bookstore’s possible expansion into Monrovia for months and had been close to an agreement, according to the city’s website. “…While we were very close to reaching an agreement to purchase the newly renovated building at […]

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TJs’ run

One of my favorite things about our neighborhood is that it’s ideally set up for the Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge. There’s a grocery, a green grocer and a TJ’s all within two miles of the house. The green grocer (Dogwoods) we’ve ridden to a couple of times for the produce run. Pavilions we walk […]

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October Road in Monrovia

It’s been a long week. There’s a cold going around Mayflower. Stephanie is just coming off of it and I seem to be merging on to the expressway to Chicken Soup land. Good times. On a Friday night during these exciting times we go to bed early. Or at least we want to. As soon […]

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Experimental Blasts

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I’m glad last week is over.

I’m just sayin’. Thanks to the comment thread over at Eye Level Pasadena for pointing out the JPL Weather Station. No thanks to that rotten sun for cooking all of us over the last week.

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Help me find a new bank – Wells Fargo sucks

I need a new bank. Wells Fargo has committed unforgivable sins of customer service, so I’ll be switching within the next week. Does anybody really like their bank? I’m looking for a pretty vanilla checking account with a branch that I can walk in to. (Because I like walking in to the branch.) The story […]

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MPL “family read-along” night

My most infamous middle school moment came while we were reading Shakespeare. Richard III, 8th grade. I didn’t get in to it. It was just so dreary and boring. Every day we read it felt like somebody was dropping an anvil on my balls. From an airplane. Or maybe from space. At the end of […]

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Hot and cold

First off, thanks to everybody who voted in The Kid’s ice cream poll. He had a ton of fun with the project. Here’s a brief snapshot of his results: Vanilla edged out mint chip by one vote. (11 for vanilla, 10 for MC.) Rocky road an coffee brought up the end of the top nine […]

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Bag Lunch at Metafilter

The overwhelming majority of junk eating that I do happens at lunch. Here are some Metafilter threads on packing lunches that I might actually eat: peanut butter, i think i hate you… I’m tired of plain sandwiches and pasta salad PackMyLunchFilter! SalationSalvation from Super-Sizing!

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Monrovia below freezing? Huh?

Somebody please fill me in on what all this “below freezing” noise is about. I live in Southern California, in one of the valleys. It’s not supposed to get that cold. I’m totally going to grill tomorrow night if it snows, by the way.

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