How to remove a bike lock when you’ve lost the key

Stephanie’s old bike has had an albatross of a chain around its handlebars for years. The key is long lost, and the chain is wrapped around the front of the frame between the handlebars and the fork. There are two commonly accepted ways of dealing with this problem. First, and most obviously, dissemble the bike. […]

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Testing Java with JRuby

Chris chided me in the Java only gets 10mpg comments for not giving Groovy or Rhino a go. Chris has a fondness for busting my chops equaled by few. However, he does it because he cares, so I thought a bit about using non-Java languages on the JVM. I still think that in general, I […]

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Removing duplicate tracks from iTunes with Ruby and RBOSA

When I put a new hard drive in my computer, I decided to reinstall the operating system and install applications and data from scratch. Unfortunately, I had a small mishap and accidentally imported two copies of my iTunes library. Removing duplicates by hand would have been possible, but it would have been tedious as well. […]

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Making irb behave like the Rails console

A project I’m working on using Ruby has a bunch of functions that are usually run in groups but from time to time will need to be run individually. My initial solution to this problem was to create a whole mess of shell scripts to run the individual pieces. However, that looked like it was […]

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Sunday night PSA

There’s enough vermouth left over from your first round. For number two, all you need is gin and two more olives.

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Viva la Revolution! Or not!

When Fidel Castro’s transferred power to his brother Raúl the other week, an important question ran through the collective mind of America. What was that question, you ask. Will Cuba remain a communist state after Fidel steps down? Will the United States annex Cuba and make it the 51st state? Will we “liberate” Cuba, plunging […]

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