Looks like there’s a pretty glaring hole in all but the most recent version of WordPress. A brief inspection of this site reveals that I’m way behind current and was broken in to. A fresh install was in order, and here we are. Not quite sure why I’m managing my own install in this day […]

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July Riding

July Miles: 177 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 106% 2009 Miles: 1,659 Percentage of 2009 Goal: 83% I know it’s still July, but I’m not riding tomorrow, so whatever. August was the month that I worried about. It’s often damn hot for three or four weeks straight in August. I love riding, but I’m not commuting […]

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April Riding

April Miles: 167 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 100% 2009 Miles: 808 Percentage of 2009 Goal: 40% April was a rough month, riding-wise. My commuter finally bit the dust, and I was without a bike for the better part of two weeks. After that we were out of town for spring break — we had a […]

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March riding

March miles: 206.1 Percentage of monthly goal: 123% 2009 miles: 641 Percentage of annual goal so far: 32% Well, I’m a quarter of the way through the year and about a third of the way to my goal. Pretty pleasing. I rode much, much less than I wanted to during March. (I had to go […]

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February riding

February miles: 222.31 Percentage of monthly goal: 133% Percentage of annual goal so far: 22% February worked out pretty well in the bike department. Even counting a nine day stretch when I only rode once — for which my excuse of “it was raining” is super weak considering that I went to the trouble to […]

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2009 Resolution

My 2008 new years resolution was to ride my bike to work 50 times. I made it, but just barely, making it to 50 in the second week of December. Fifty trips between Monrovia and Pasadena is about 1,000 miles. That’s not a ton of riding in a year, but it’s a whole lot more […]

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As it happens, the NBA season opener isn’t the most important thing going on today

Happy anniversary, Stephanie! What an amazing two years. I love you!

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Strange but true (uninteresting)

I found out today that people who don’t use Google Reader (and you really should) can read my shared items. So, um… yeah. That’s what I’m reading. I am sure that you will either be delighted and amused or you will not. Also, I signed up for the FriendFeed thing. Does anybody else use that? […]

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Brief bike update

Hola, Amigos. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve rapped at ya about the bikes, so I figured I’d fire off a quick update. I’m a little more than one third of the way done with my new years resolution. Today was my 17th ride to/from work. To celebrate hitting the 1/3rd mark, […]

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Mosaic Survey

Memestealing from Pat, Kitty, etc. The rules, such as they are: Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search Using only the first page of results, pick one image. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into Big Huge Lab’s Mosaic Maker to create a mosaic of the […]

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