Strange but true (uninteresting)

I found out today that people who don’t use Google Reader (and you really should) can read my shared items. So, um… yeah. That’s what I’m reading. I am sure that you will either be delighted and amused or you will not. Also, I signed up for the FriendFeed thing. Does anybody else use that? […]

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Memo to recruiters

If you’re going to cold call somebody pimping your candidates and rattle off a list of technologies that they are “expert level” in, please at least know what those technologies are. If you don’t know, please be honest enough to just say that you don’t. If you bullshit me on something like that — I […]

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One-liner syndrom

Jeff Atwood talks about card shuffling algorithms in a recent blog post. As it turns out, the easiest way to implement a shuffle is by sorting. It’s not exactly faster, as the typical sort is O(n log n) compared to the O(n) of the Knuth Fisher-Yates shuffle algorithm. We’ll just sort by a random number– […]

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A recent conversation with my computer

OPTION-SPACE firefox ENTER APPLE-L ENTER /listings ENTER /mythbusters donk /goddamn mythbusters donk /i hate you donk /futureweapons ENTER

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Zune first impressions

Ha ha. Just kidding.

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Corporate Ho

Cuban throws down in his usual style regarding the responsibilities involved in owning stock. Its time for all shareholders to realize they have a responsibility as owners of stock. That if you dont fulfill that obligation, you are nothing more than a corporate Ho and your share of stock is nothing more than a baseball […]

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Most people are attracted to the robot thug lifestyle. 10-4.

A few weeks ago, Stephanie and I went to see 8-BIT at the Mr. T Bowl in Highland Park with The Cheat. Now, 8-BIT: They’re awesome. You know it’s true. They rap in space suits. That can’t be topped. I’ve done the math and it’s true. Want proof? Here it is: Crappy Video of 8-BIT […]

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Hick On The Hill

Hick On The Hill Originally uploaded by aqui-ali. I use to know a guy who had a truck like this. It didn’t run very well. Whenever it would rain he would have to sacrifice livestock to make it start. This was inconvenient because we lived in a city and livestock was hard to come by. […]

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