Pasadena BTWD 2009

Today is Bike To Work Day. There are bike “pit stops” all over LA, all doing different things. My goal this morning was to check out the three Pasadena stops. I rolled in to the REI-sponsored stop at the Allen gold line station at about 8:30. They said that they had talked to a lot […]

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Pasadena loves cycling. No, wait: it doesn’t!

The route for the 2008 Tour of California was released a few days back. Pasadena was lucky enough to score the final stage – a road race from Santa Clarita to Pasadena, concluding with a circuit race in Pasadena. Cycling isn’t a really popular sport in the US, but Pasadena is sure to rake in […]

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Local Service Reviews: Di-No Computers and Gem Plumbing

I recently worked with two local service providers: Gem Plumbing and Di-No Computers. Both got the job done both quickly and well. I recommend both. We called Gem a few weeks back when the line running from our bathroom backed up. The disclosure statement for the house suggested that this would happen and that we […]

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Three cheers for the 1947project!

My favorite kooky preservationists over at the 1947project updated their site recently. Everybody loves a good redesign, and it’s got the obligatory Powells advert, so you know it’s cool. The best part, for me at least, is that they now seem to have a full RSS feed so I’ll actually, you know, read their stuff. […]

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JPL Open House

The Kid and I went to the open house at JPL today. It was pretty cool. They had all sorts of sciency stuff out to look at and sciency people out to answer questions about the sciency stuff. There was a machine learning booth towards the top of the campus where they demoed some of […]

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A Fond Farewell to Pasadena: Last Day at the Office

I ordered a pitcher at the last Chippy Friday ever Originally uploaded by corey_porter. Today was my last day in Pasadena (photo set). It would have been sad, but it’s Chippy Friday and I ordered a pitcher all for myself, so it wasn’t. On Monday I start in Burbank. I hope all you crazy kids […]

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A Fond Farewell to Pasadena: Pasadena-Rules Foosball

For a big chunk of my Pasadena career, I’ve worked in R&D organizations. First in Idealab’s short-lived research group, then in Overture Research which became Yahoo Research Labs and then Yahoo Research. It’s my job to think of new and exciting things — to innovate. I take this particular charge very seriously, and I think […]

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A Fond Farewell to Pasadena: Places to Eat

Over the last few years, my coworkers and I have developed some interesting language ticks. This happens whenever a group of people spends time together, and in my experience it’s a pretty fun thing. Probably the most pronounced example of this is the naming of restaurants. We rarely if ever use the proper names of […]

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A Fond Farewell to Pasadena: Intro

Today is the first day of my last week working in Pasadena. Starting next Monday my group will be housed in Yahoo’s Burbank facility. I’ve never worked in any other town. Since my sophomore year in college, from JPL to First Quadrant, The Idza to Visualize and finally Overture Research/Yahoo Research Labs/Yahoo Research (I’m sure […]

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