Nerd porn supersite information aesthetics points to a really cool visualization system called ecosystm. I really like this sort of art installation. They look great and they provide useful information. Yay!

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Jon Skeet’s Coding Blog : Visual Studio vs Eclipse

John Skeet posted a pretty good feature comparison between Visual Studio and Eclipse. (Jon Skeet’s Coding Blog : Visual Studio vs Eclipse) I don’t really use IDE’s much, but I’ve had good and bad experiences with both VS and Eclipse. Either way, here’s to hoping that the VS team picks up Eclipse’s better features and […]

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Lazyweb: Help me learn Applescript

Can anybody recommend a good Applescript reference? I’ve got some ugly jobs that I want to automate, which seems like a good opportunity to pick up a new tool. Here’s what I want to do: I’m moving my photos from Picasa — which I love dearly and will miss, but I never use my Windows […]

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Push-based content delivery

Mark Cuban suggests in Time to allow hard drives pre loaded with Music….and change Harry Fox – Blog Maverick – that a push delivery system for electronic content (music is discussed specifically in this article) be developed. The basic idea is that your service provider throw down some number of tracks on to your […]

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(prl “Sweet”)

A few months back I decided to try to get back up to speed with Windows. This was largely a career hedge — I was worried that I’d been doing server-side Unix work for so long that I was becoming a little one-dimensional, and this didn’t please me. The toughest part about development in Windows […]

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The GOOG released an API for their maps product. People have been kluging together little (although useful!) applications with GOOGMaps since shortly after it came out. This should make it that much easier. the ‘Hoo, it turns out, has also provided an API for its maps product. Both the GOOG and the ‘Hoo seem to […]

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