Things to keep in mind for 2013

You can put Sriricha on more everyday foods than you would expect. Waking up half an hour earlier so you can ride your bike to work is worth it. Wool is underrated.

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Collective nouns for “Hawk” in New Zeland

An aerie of hawks A boil of hawks A brace of hawks A brood of hawks A cast of hawks A couple of hawks An eyass of hawks An eyrie of hawks An eyry of hawks A flight of hawks A kettle of hawks A knot of hawks A lease of hawks A leash of […]

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Twitter is my randomness entropy

Inspired by Henry’s Facebook comment. import urllib2, hashlib TWITTER = ‘http://twitter.com/statuses/public_timeline.json’ def hashed(seq): sha1 = hashlib.sha1() for x in seq: sha1.update(x) yield sha1.digest() def words(wordsize, seq): for x in seq: for i in xrange(0, len(x), wordsize): yield int(x[i:(wordsize + i)].encode(‘hex’), 16) def twitrandoms(wordsize = 4, chunksize = 37): def infinite_twitrandom(): while True: data = urllib2.urlopen(TWITTER).read() […]

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May Riding

May Miles: 501 Percentage of Monthly Goal: 300% 2009 Miles: 1,309 Percentage of 2009 Goal: 65% May was, far and away, the biggest cycling month I’ve had. The stars really did align in terms of great weather, not too many “business casual” days at work, getting the bike situation straightened out, and a couple of […]

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15% more Roguish than Pat

William Powell You scored 7% Tough, 48% Roguish, 10% Friendly, and 38% Charming! You are the classic rogue, a stylish rake with the devil of a wit and a flair for mischief, and you shake your martinis to waltz time. You are charming and debonair, but slightly untrustworthy, and women should be on their guard. […]

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Bingo Scrabble

The rules of Bingo Scrabble, such as they are: Every play must be a bingo Normal dictionary rules do not apply. (That is: words may not be challenged) Definitions for each word must be provided Score is not kept Everybody wins

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Best. Objective. Ever.

Rands offers a glimpse in to his resume — the “objective” in particular — in A Brief Glimpse: I need to work with bright people who don’t take no for an answer and are crazy about well-designed software. If these people aren’t there when I show up, I work hard to find them. The last […]

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A brief message for Jared Ballou

Recently I purchased a domain that you hadn’t intended to let expire. You sent some email asking if I’d sell it back to you. Sure. Why not. My plans for it got pushed back so far that I’d just be squatting if I were to keep it. However: Email sent to your address bounced. Let […]

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Mmm, year-old cake

Happy Anniversary, Stephanie. I love you!

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It’s easy to not look like a homer when your team is a 1 seed

I will win each and every pool that I’m in with my bracket of might. FYI.

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