One Red Paperclip

Wow, the One Red Paperclip guy actually did it. As a new resident to our community you will receive a Community Welcome Package containing local information and promotions from local businesses. The Kipling Chamber of Commerce will give you $200 in Kipling Cash. This Cash can be spent at any local Chamber of Commerce business. […]

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…and then I’ll kick *you* in the nuts

Rock/Paper/Scissors should be used to solve all silly legal disputes. Faced with the inability of two bickering attorneys to resolve even the most innocuous scheduling questions without his intervention, a Florida federal judge yesterday ordered the two to meet on the steps of the federal courthouse and resolve their latest quarrel by playing “one (1) […]

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Improving JavaOne for 2007

The Penny Arcade has a great idea for making any conference 1,000 times better. Isn’t Gavin speaking at OSCON this year? I recommend this approach. (Note: mildly NSFW)

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If the magic internet machine is to be believed, a group of baristas at a cafe in Vancouver up and quit en masse. That’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. It reminds me of the horrible diner “Soda Jerks” where the manager would yell at his servers non-stop. Few of them lasted more […]

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Small World

Russ Beattie, one of my former cow-orkers at The ‘Hoo — although in a different location and a different business unit, so I’ve never actually met him — pointed out that Bill & co have trotted out Big.com again. I think it’s cute that somebody from The ‘Hoo would be more up on Idealab’s goings […]

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What’s in your shredder? (Part 2)

Just when you thought you couldn’t love the credit card companies quite enough, the magic internet machine provides with dramatic proof that the pre-approved credit card offers we get in the mail are wicked dangerous. I don’t use credit cards. I haven’t used credit cards for years. I wish Chase and Cap1 and etc would […]

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What’s up with Flickr and/or Bloglines?

I subscribe to several friends’ Flickr feeds in bloglines, and lately I’ve been getting a random set of photos showing up as “new” for all of them. (The same set in most cases!) Is it Flickr? Perhaps, but I can’t be sure. Is it Bloglines? Possibly, but again not definitely. Is it annoying? The damn […]

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CBS 2 / KCAL 9: Your Source For Southern California’s Breaking News, Weather, Traffic and Sports: Tour Noir Los Angeles With The 1947 Project

Hey, Stpehanie and I made the news! CBS 2 / KCAL 9: Your Source For Southern California’s Breaking News, Weather, Traffic and Sports: Tour Noir Los Angeles With The 1947 Project

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The Apple Store (U.S.) – MacBook Pro

Holy crap the new Apple laptops (The Apple Store (U.S.) – MacBook Pro) look cool. I’m usually not one to drool over technology, but I’ve really become attached to my powerbook, my only complaint being that it’s way slow compared to what I could get with a PC. Seems like apple has solved that particular […]

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Ever have one of those days when there’s a ton of traffic coming in to work and you start to get angry about it, but then you relize what likely caused the traffic and you feel a bit guilty about being angry? Yeah. Ug. Traffic isn’t as bad as getting hit by a train. AP […]

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