More LA New Belgium pictures

beFrank — one of my favorite bloggers and a constant reminder to the world that life’s better than you think it is — brings very good news: a documented report of Fat Tire here in Los Angeles. At least I hope it is. Here, that is. His work takes him all over the world, and […]

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Kingdom of Loathing

I’m not really one for video games. I don’t own an Xbox or a PlayStation or whatever it is the (thirty-year-old, apparently) kids have these days, and my eyes sort of glaze over when people start going on about GTA:Topeka and what have you. I guess it’s because I don’t find the games at all […]

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Priorities, dude. Priorities.

If you’re looking to have a lunch meeting with officials from Belgium, don’t forget the cool ones. From the article: BRUSSELS (Reuters) – A lunch meeting between a leading parliamentarian in Belgium and counterparts from Iran has been canceled because the beer-loving Belgian could not stomach a ban on alcohol. I’m usually not one to […]

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FSM Cafepress Shop

There’s a Cafepress shop for Flying Spaghetti Monsterism warez. Represent!

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Flying Spaghetti Monster is My Homeboy

Via BB, I give you an Open Letter to the Kansas School Board. It puts forth a theory — equally valid to Intelligent Design — that states that the earth was created by a Flying Spaghetti Monster, backing it up with the sort of irrefutable statistical facts that we’ve become accustomed to by the Intelligent […]

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Family Helpdesk

If there’s one thing that every person of the technical persuasion fears, it’s the helpdesk call from the family. Mom or Dad are on the phone and they’ve got some sort of virus or they’ve deleted some sort of template or they want to hook a new wireless router up their circa 1983 green bar […]

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