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Things to do when you’re a nerd and you can’t type

I spent Thursday and Friday at work essentially without fingers. Well, I had fingers, but only one useful hand of them. Interestingly enough, I learned that I’m at least in the short term incapable of hunt-and-peck typing. Finger muscle memory takes over when I try and everything goes all crazy-go-nuts. Not a good time. My […]

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Make Money Fast with Yahoo! Mail

Holy mail wars, Batman! The ‘Hoo is offering $10/head for new mail users. From Jay-Z’s blog: Oh, I should also mention that if you build the next kill application and convince people to use it and upgrade to the premium version of Yahoo! Mail, we’ll pay you $10 per user. The sky’s the limit on […]

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Why doesn’t Yahoo! Groups have rull RSS feeds?

I mean, I know the answer: so they can get you to click through to the page and look at some banner ads. But seriously. Does that really fit in with what they’re trying to do with things like Pipes? In related news Fake Steve went back to full feeds, so there is some justice […]

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A first go with Y! Pipes

So Jill mentions a blog that from time to time posts weekend things to do with the family. This is braggable. I’m always looking out for that sort of thing. However, the site doesn’t seem to have per-category RSS feeds. (That, or I’m just too lazy to find them.) I’d like to read about things […]

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With three zillion trillion dollars burning a hole it its pocket, Google decided to purchase YouTube, the popular internet lawsuit magnet. Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) — Google Inc., the most-used Internet search engine, agreed to buy YouTube Inc. for $1.65 billion, adding the largest video-sharing site on the Web and an audience that watches more than […]

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I only make fun because I care

No, wait: it’s because I can. Big difference, I guess. So, Valleywag. I don’t read it regularly, but whenever somebody cool posts a link to it I follow the link. Waxy posted one today to a piece called The Anatomy of a Google Product Cycle. Hi-Lar-I-Ous. First off, consider the use of the word “googletards.” […]

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Nerds in the news

Two brief pieces of nerd news today. One is silly and the other is extrodinarily cool. Cool first: Tej and the rest of the Buzz Game crew at YRL got a nice shoutout on TechCrunch for their Y! “hack day” entry. Hey, it turns out that Yahoo has smart people in Burbank after all. Who […]

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Monkeys are Rad!

Yahoo, my esteemed former employer, is training a monkey to fiddle with gadgets. This is the Best Thing Ever. Google, watch out. (The monkey even has a Flickr account, which is braggable.)

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Cry me a river

So Microsoft has a browser update and they’ve built a search box in to it. Woo, woo, toot toot, beep beep. I still won’t use it. Not surprisingly, the search box defaults to MSN search. Go figure. It’s their browser. Google is all different sorts of fussy about this, claiming that somehow Microsoft is limiting […]

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Yahoo, China, yada yada yada

OK, even I’m getting bored of these. It’s not quite outrage fatigue, but it’s similar. Surprise surprise, Yahoo drops a dime on yet another Chinese dissadent. News implicating Yahoo in the imprisonment of Jiang Lijun in 2003 surfaced on the eve of a summit between Chinese President Hu Jintao and President Bush in Washington. It […]

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