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Magic Internet Machine Maps

So The ‘Hoo releases its maps beta today. It’s supposed to have better international coverage, especially for satellite images. This is handy, because my sister moved in to a new house in London yesterday, and I’d like to see it. The address she gave me was of the form XXX BritishSounding Road Somecity London YNN […]

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Word of the Day: Monetize

To establish as legal tender. To coin (money). To convert (government debt) from securities into currency that can be used to purchase goods and services. You — and by “you” I mean “Yahoo!” — are hereby incentivized to use this word correctly. [source]

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A Win for The People

Google beat the DOJ’s insane request for data, giving a small amount of hope that there’s still some amount of sanity in the world. Yahoo, MSN, AOL: shame on you for going belly-up on this one. Google takes heat from privacy advocates — rightfully so, many would say — but at least they don’t roll […]

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Small World

Russ Beattie, one of my former cow-orkers at The ‘Hoo — although in a different location and a different business unit, so I’ve never actually met him — pointed out that Bill & co have trotted out again. I think it’s cute that somebody from The ‘Hoo would be more up on Idealab’s goings […]

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Web 2.0 v. Doing Things Right

Joel on Software has some interesting things to say about setting your priorities when creating software products, the basic conflict being between doing things quickly and doing them correctly. Listen, I know that everybody is saying that the cool thing to do these days is Ship Early and Often, but when you ship half-baked ajax […]

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Ever have one of those days when there’s a ton of traffic coming in to work and you start to get angry about it, but then you relize what likely caused the traffic and you feel a bit guilty about being angry? Yeah. Ug. Traffic isn’t as bad as getting hit by a train. AP […]

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Coffee House PSA

A brief memo to any coffee house still playing the “Garden State” soundtrack on loop: Quit it. Please. You and your kind have been playing that album for over a year now. Yes, Yahoo/Burbank coffee house, I’m talking to you. Thing is, it isn’t a bad album. I own a copy of it, and I […]

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Push-based content delivery

Mark Cuban suggests in Time to allow hard drives pre loaded with Music….and change Harry Fox – Blog Maverick – that a push delivery system for electronic content (music is discussed specifically in this article) be developed. The basic idea is that your service provider throw down some number of tracks on to your […]

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A Fond Farewell to Pasadena: Pasadena-Rules Foosball

For a big chunk of my Pasadena career, I’ve worked in R&D organizations. First in Idealab’s short-lived research group, then in Overture Research which became Yahoo Research Labs and then Yahoo Research. It’s my job to think of new and exciting things — to innovate. I take this particular charge very seriously, and I think […]

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A Fond Farewell to Pasadena: Intro

Today is the first day of my last week working in Pasadena. Starting next Monday my group will be housed in Yahoo’s Burbank facility. I’ve never worked in any other town. Since my sophomore year in college, from JPL to First Quadrant, The Idza to Visualize and finally Overture Research/Yahoo Research Labs/Yahoo Research (I’m sure […]

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