I owe Stan a pitcher

UCLA beat KU by 13 in the “elite eight,” so per the terms of our bet, I owe Stan a pitcher of beer.  Let me know when you’d like to collect, Stan.

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Family News

A couple weeks ago, my cousins Heather and David gave birth to two very little boys, Jack and Ethan. They were born 14 weeks early on their parents’ anniversary. Tomorrow (Thursday) morning, Ethan is having cardiac surgery. If you’ve got any spare bandwidth in terms of thoughts or prayers, everybody involved would appreciate it. Update: […]

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Center of the Earth

Center of the Earth Originally uploaded by Corey Porter. When you fire up Google Earth, it presents you with a “default” view that you can zoom in on. As it happens, this default point is two blocks from my parents’ home in Lawrence, KS. I’m told that the corner of Crestline Drive and Compton Square […]

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Does this seem fast or slow?

Hump, 15mph Originally uploaded by Corey Porter. Tuesday – yes, it was Tuesday when I saw my congressman coming out of the titty bar. He didn’t look like my congressman, but that’s okay. Nobody really looks like themselves anymore. I think its got something to do with that crap they’ve been pouring into the water. […]

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Taste of Lexus

Carter and The Kid in a BMW 530i Originally uploaded by corey_porter. Carter, The Kid and I went to the “Taste of Lexus” event today (photo set). Held out at Dodger Stadium, it’s a chance for people to come out and drive Lexus’ cars around like idiots. The event itself was pretty swank. There were […]

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A Fond Farewell to Pasadena: Last Day at the Office

I ordered a pitcher at the last Chippy Friday ever Originally uploaded by corey_porter. Today was my last day in Pasadena (photo set). It would have been sad, but it’s Chippy Friday and I ordered a pitcher all for myself, so it wasn’t. On Monday I start in Burbank. I hope all you crazy kids […]

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Halloween Pictures

Skeleton Originally uploaded by corey_porter. The Kid and I went trick-or-treating tonight (photo set). As we have for the last few years, we went up to the Halloween block party in Sierra Madre. It’s a super-impressive deal; a bunch of houses put what has to be weeks of effort in to decorating. There are hundreds […]

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Feeding the Monkey at Boardner’s

Again, At Boardner’s Originally uploaded by corey_porter. I would like to state, for the record, that I am offended by the Halloween patrons of Boardner’s (photo set). Yes, there were slutty devils and slutty schoolgirls and the three amigos and cops and state pen inmates, which, sure, is fine. But dammit, when I play Janis’ […]

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Chris, Justin and Darin got tickets.

Chris, Justin and Darin got tickets. Originally uploaded by corey_porter. Tip: if you’re in Manhattan beach, don’t *dare* cross the street when the “don’t walk” light is flashing. If you do, you will get a jaywalking ticket with a quickness. Some friends are in town this weekend for a football game. I took a few […]

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Apple Picking

Alex and The Kid, juggling Originally uploaded by corey_porter. Lindsey, Alex, The Kid and I went apple picking (photo set) with some friends this last Sunday. It was a nice, sunny day, and a good time was had by all.

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