Ten Days of Patmeme

What not to wear. [TEN DAYS OF PATMEME]

Day VI! Top Six Gender-Appropriate Outfits I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Wearing In Public (pics required) Ok, this one I think I could do. First off, I can’t see myself wearing a dashiki. I don’t know. Just not my thing. For similar reasons, the Canadian tuxedo doesn’t really work for me, either. Sorry, Jay. Since […]

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Taking a miss [TEN DAYS OF PATMEME]

Day 5. Top Five “Top Ten Lists” That I Found Outrageously Wrong No. Just… no.

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So bad, I should be in detention. [TEN DAYS OF PATMEME]

The madness continues. The weekends are tough, because I don’t have that “at work, waiting for the coffee to kick in” time to think about what to write. Oh well. Onward! Top Four Things I’m Really Bad At Doing Golf. Lord almighty am I bad at golf. Often I give up scoring with numbers and […]

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In which Corey cops out [TEN DAYS OF PATMEME]

Patmeme ho! Day three! I’m tired this evening, so I’m not really going to try. Sorry. Rockport Vasque Adidas Wow that was lame.

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Continuing on from yesterday’s Patmeme kickoff, we’re now at Day two: Top Two Pets I Won’t Let My Children Have A cat. I’m violent allergic to cats. Plus I just don’t like them. Sorry, Fletch. A parrot. This aversion is probably shared by much of the San Gabriel Valley. We’ve had a feral parrot problem […]

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Wheelchair Vacation [TEN DAYS OF PATMEME]

Behold: Pat is doing his Top Ten List of top “ten” list memes, which allows for TEN DAYS OF PATMEME. Day one: Top One Vacation Destination to Visit If I’m Confined To A Wheelchair I’m going to break Pat’s rules right out of the gate and answer twice: Once for the relative sedentary vacation — […]

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